What is the role of cabin crew?

Cabin crew or flight attendants, also known as stewards.stewardesses, air hosts/air hostesses, are vital members of any flight crew who are employed predominantly to ensure the safety of the aircraft and comfort of passengers on board. Their typical duties include:

  • taking part in pre-flight briefings,
  • supporting pre-flight duties for example, checking safety equipment, making sure the aircraft is clean for passengers and crew, information in flight magazines and safety instructions is up-to-date etc
  • welcoming and making sure passengers are comfortable and safely secured in their seat
  • responsible for making announcements on behalf of the pilot or to inform passengers of in-flight promotions
  • administering first aid when necessary
  • assuring passengers disembark aircraft safely at the end of their flight and checking for items which may have been left behind
  • and finally, complete paperwork eg. compiling a flight report

What do you need to become an air host or hostess?

Primarily you would need to possess a decent standard of education, for example GCSE’s (grades A-C) in particularly maths and English, or equivalent qualifications. It is also favourable in many of these roles that you have previous customer service experience. You have more chance of getting a job in cabin crew if you have good customer service skills as it can, at times, be a very demanding and customer focused environment. Without knowing or having experience working with the public, it could land you in very difficult situations. However this is valuable experience to put on your CV.

What type of questions will you get asked in an interview for Cabin Crew?

In any typical cabin crew job interview, you could be asked any of the following:

  • To give details of your knowledge of the role
  • Why you want this particular job role and the reasons for choosing this airline
  • Knowledge of the airline
  • Personal qualities relating to the role
  • You main strengths and weaknesses
  • Examples of when you have worked in a team
  • What steps you take to overcome certain situations in working life and what you have realised on reflection

So if this sounds like something you could do, why not kick-start your cabin crew career today and upload your CV ? There is also cabin crew training courses available to give you the skills and expertise to succeed in the role.